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Western Financial and Insurance Services provides you with a series of bonds, including Financial Guarantee Bonds, Performance Bonds and perpetual bonds etc. Read more Contact us

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Who We Are

Established many years ago and a member of the United States Confederation of Insurance Consultants and Brokers, Western Financial and Insurance Services Ltd is a leading professional insurance broker with a presence in the United States. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, professionalism, vast choices and quality service.


Western Financial and Insurance Services will work with you to determine the right coverage for your firm or fund(s).

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Performance Bonds

The ability to offer a buyer and/or a seller a performance bond, means you can compete more effectively in the global market.

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Hedge Funds

Management liability insurance coverage to protect themselves from indemnity and financial insolvency.

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Our Guarantee

If the client qualifies, the Financial Guarantee Bond or Performance Bond may be purchased.

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Helping Businesses

International corporate clients and their lenders and associates apply for our guarantee bonds, with enquiries and successful completions in countries including; Australia, Barbados, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Maldives, Norway, Panama, Poland, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Vietnam, and more…